If they knew

There was a doctor in America during the early days of 20th century. His name is not as important as what he did to his patients. You know, at that age, they didn’t really know how to cure impotency. They experimented and speculated, but it was all just some bamboozle on their customers. This doctor was one of the most famous doctors in the first half of the century, he even had his own show on the radio AND he even became a mayor of a town. It was all thanks to his practice – he was sewing goat balls in to the scrotums of rich impotent guys. Was it painful? Hell yes. WAs it dangerous? You bet it was. In fact, 1 in every 5 patients died because it was just too much. The others had sewed goat balls in their pants.

You know it’s bad

When there is a guy, that voluntarily lets another guy sew goat balls into his scrotum, you know, you are dealing with a serious issue over here. Cures like Cialis 10 mg that we offer are definitely miles away from these goat balls and lastly, they are truly effective, no magic tricks and no tiger paw medicine.

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